Terry Jones

terry2The news that Terry Jones is losing the ability to communicate knocked me for six last week. As a fan of both his comedic antics and his  rather fabulous documentaries, I feel very sad. Particularly as the latter were always made better by his loquacious enthusiasm.


It was, unfortunately, clear at the O2 shows in 2014 that Terry’s memory was failing him, so the announcement that he has a form of dementia wasn’t overly surprising, the news of the vehement variety of aphasia is the heart breaker. Michael Palin reported on his Facebook page that Terry still recognises people and is still “there” but unable to communicate very well. Michael also assures us that Terry is surrounded by family and friends and we, the fans, can really take comfort in that.


There’s a vast legacy of Terry’s work that crosses many fields, from comedy to children’s books, history to fantasy. I humbly suggest seeking them out in books shops, on youtube, DVD etc…

Thank you for everything Mr. Jones, may the rest of your days be happy ones and I hope you realise just how much we appreciate you.



An Evening Wander

Last week I checked into a hotel on the waterfront for a few nights. On the first night I popped out for a little wander around the Pier Head and took a few snaps.

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