2018 Reading Challenge Book 6 – The Geek’s Guide to SF Cinema: 30 Key Films that Revolutionised the Genre by Ryan Lambie

There’s a fair chance that every single one of these book posts are going to be gushy.

This book had me from the introduction as the author laid out the criteria for choosing the films on the list. I haven’t seen them all, some certainly aren’t films I would enjoy but all are very definitely worthy of being written about.

Each film chapter is followed by a piece about other films in the same sub-genre, fleshing out the context of the films etc.. All fascinating stuff and written in a style that is easy to read for new fans of sci-fi movies and old.

I adore that there’s no indication that you have to have seen every film on this list or you are somehow less of a fan of the genre. The writing style is friendly, straight forward and not opinionated. (To be fair I expected nothing less from a regular writer at Den Of Geek)

I love books that I can go back to and use as reference, so when I get around to watching (or re-watching) films featured I can read up on them.

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