2018 Reading Challenge Books 2-4 No Such Thing As A Fish, Susan Calman and Sarah Millican

For a change I seem to be rattling through books at a good lick. Combining the latest three into one post as I didn’t get chance to post when I finished each of them.

The No Such Thing As A Fish Book of The Year

Much like the DoG book (see previous entry) this is the kind of book I am fascinated by. I love random facts. I wish I remembered more of them. Focusing on 2017 this book is chocked full of facts, all in alphabetical order (with amusing cross references). I do hope they plan to do this every year. By the way the No Such Thing As A Fish weekly podcast is well worth a listen if you like this sort of thing.


Cheer Up Love – Susan Calman

I’ve been following Susan Calman on twitter for a while after enjoying her appearances on The News Quiz and QI.  I’ve also loved her pure joy at being on Strictly Come Dancing. This book is a very honest, but still amusing where applicable, account of her dealing with her depression. The ultimate message is that you are not alone and even at the deepest, darkest, lowest point there is a way back. It’s written in a very approachable way, and I look forward to the next book which I think is due in September and is about kindness.

How To Be Champion – Sarah Millican
I loved this book! I bought it just out of curiosity for the kindle when it was on offer. I’d seen tweets to Sarah Millican about how much people had enjoyed it so figured it was worth a punt at 99p. It is brilliant. I found it relatable, reassuring and most of all funny. All of that could be because I am of a similar age and have a similar relationship with cake, but even so it’s a smashing book.



Next up – What Does This Button Do? – Bruce Dickinson



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