Month: January 2018

2018 Reading Challenge Book 1–Den of Geek Movie Geek

I adore books like this. I read it cover to cover but it is one of those books that lends itself to those who like to dip in and out of a book which makes it quite good for journeys of varying lengths.

Speaking of travelling, being the type of person who doesn’t like the idea of books getting creased in her bag, I bought a second “copy” of the book for my Kindle. It takes up less space in my bag and doesn’t damage the wonderful tactile physical copy which is now on a shelf waiting for other people in the household to flick through its pages.

Movie Geek is packed with trivia and fascinating movie info which had my (not so) inner geek leaping with joy and kept me interested even when dealing with films with which I was not so familiar.

The writing is pretty much what I have come to expect from the Den Of Geek site – light, non-patronising and highly entertaining. There’s a reason I love the DoG site and it goes the same for this book. I feel included and any in-jokes are never at the expense or exclusion of the reader. You feel part of the gang. It’s never preachy so you don’t feel like you are being told what to like and not like, your own opinions are rarely, if ever, invalidated.

Okay, Okay, I’ll stop gushing about DoG now and leave you with links to buy the books in a couple of different formats and one for the Den of Geek site (and their social media) as they are well worth checking out if you haven’t visited already.

Den of Geek – Website Facebook Twitter

“…I wish you a Brave New Year…”

2018 has arrived and to be honest, I’ve not seen a lot of resolutions flying around. Perhaps we have finally learnt not to set ourselves up to fail. Personally I haven’t bothered with resolutions for a while, but I do try and set little goals.


Goals for 2018 –

– Actually update my blogs.

– Get my routine sorted so I have time/energy to work on projects

– Get to more events

– Visit places

– Remember to take any medication I am on (honestly, it’s a good job my antihistamines aren’t vital to my continued existence)

– Listen to more music

– Read more books. (I have set my 2018 reading goal over at Goodreads)

– Watch more films. I have a backlog of stuff to watch and now I’ve found a reasonably priced cinema nearby I can see more new stuff too.

– Make it to 2019 (As in look after myself as I see fit)



It boils down to doing more stuff for myself and feeling okay about it.

Anyway, expect photos from day trips. (Though don’t actually hold your breath, it will be a while yet, I need warmer, brighter days.)