Snow Pictures

It’s cold. Apparently this is The Beast From The East (gotta have a catchy name these days to get anywhere as a weather front!) Still to come is Storm Emma.

Thankfully so far I have had no travel woes apart from slow traffic, but as we allow plenty of time to get to the station it wasn’t too bad.

Snow photos are obligatory on the Internet so here’s a snowy Super Lambanana in Liverpool, a snowy tree stump in Eccles and a snow laden bench and mysterious snow fairy ring at Eccles train station. Enjoy!

Attempting to be more…something.

From my plethora of shiny, happy notebooks and journals I have decided to use this jolly orange number to carry with me for stuff.

Lists, ideas, feelings, phrases that pop into my head, things to do, places to go, notes for reference later, all shall go in here. I have decorated it with a witty sticker to celebrate.

Hopefully this will lead to being more organised and potentially more and better posts here, but I wouldn’t hold your breath to be honest. (Maybe I’ll remember more bits for the book posts of I actually jot down notes instead of forgetting that my memory is completely pants and fails me an a regular basis)

“…I wish you a Brave New Year…”

2018 has arrived and to be honest, I’ve not seen a lot of resolutions flying around. Perhaps we have finally learnt not to set ourselves up to fail. Personally I haven’t bothered with resolutions for a while, but I do try and set little goals.


Goals for 2018 –

– Actually update my blogs.

– Get my routine sorted so I have time/energy to work on projects

– Get to more events

– Visit places

– Remember to take any medication I am on (honestly, it’s a good job my antihistamines aren’t vital to my continued existence)

– Listen to more music

– Read more books. (I have set my 2018 reading goal over at Goodreads)

– Watch more films. I have a backlog of stuff to watch and now I’ve found a reasonably priced cinema nearby I can see more new stuff too.

– Make it to 2019 (As in look after myself as I see fit)



It boils down to doing more stuff for myself and feeling okay about it.

Anyway, expect photos from day trips. (Though don’t actually hold your breath, it will be a while yet, I need warmer, brighter days.)

I Met An Astronaut 

Playing catch-up on my blogs right now. Here’s a couple of snaps (courtesy of Donna) of me meeting Tim Peake after his talk at York University. 

It was a fabulous day and it was thanks to our friend Sue so I’m glad we got her in one of the photos. 

Hello Again Hello

It has been a while. I’d like to say real life got in the way of posting here but the harsh reality is a mixture of anxiety, lethargy and sheer exhaustion. However, onward and upwards as they say. There will be a couple of catch up posts and then hopefully more content as things go forward.