Helping to get “In The Mood”

25035242709_7ac963edcc_hI had a brilliant evening on Tuesday. I met up with my friend Donna after work and we went out for something to eat and a catch up before heading off to the Liverpool Empire to see The Glenn Miller Story starring the legend that is Tommy Steele.

The show is more a celebration of the music than a truly biographical production but that’s okay. Tommy Steele wowed everyone with his ease and grace as played one of my favourite musical dorks. (I did note that my brass teacher wouldn’t have been impressed with his blowing technique when he wielded the trombone though!)

I found it hard to believe that he is nearly 80 and still has a good few moves that would put some youngsters to shame. It was such an entertaining evening that my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

Best of all we went on Glenn Miller’s birthday!

Just what I need to battle the cold weather doldrums. 25434399615_aa3f2104f6_k


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