Just Why Do I Look Forward To May so Much?

“Is it May yet?” has become a running joke on my Facebook timeline over the last few years. May brings International Pop Overthrow to Liverpool and if you are familiar with the blog then you know that it means lots of power pop bands arrive to entertain the heck out of us. By lots I means somewhere in the region of 130 bands, all getting two slots each over the eight days of the event.

2018 sees the 16th IPO Liverpool and I’ve been lucky enough to have attended them all. In fact when IPO head honcho David Bash was first persuaded to bring his event here by Jean Catharell, I was recruited as a Merch Girl, a position I held for a few years before becoming just a punter. Working the Merch table led to me becoming friends with several of the bands, not all of them come along any more but the friendships have lasted beyond the event itself due to social media.  The comradery with all involved is very strong, in some cases we may only see each once a year but more often than not it’s like we’ve never been apart once the music starts. Whether it’s musicians, regular attendees I have become great friends with or those who are always in the audience and are but nodding acquaintances it’s all part and parcel of the IPO experience. And it is awesome.

So, advanced warning if you’ve never read this blog during May before. The posts will probably become random (as and when I have time and an internet connection) and potentially incoherent as the event wear on. If I can get data connections in the venues I’ve been known to post pictures and comments as the evening progresses. There may even be the odd photograph that involves me look the worse for wear in the venue but grinning like a happy loon as I am surrounded by my IPO family and they make me very happy.

Useful Links –
Official IPO Website (there are events all over America and Canada plus Liverpool and Stockholm)
IPO Facebook Page
IPO LIverpool 2018 Facebook Event Page

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