An Evening Wander

Last week I checked into a hotel on the waterfront for a few nights. On the first night I popped out for a little wander around the Pier Head and took a few snaps.

14188466_10209036419139310_6661132389505476370_o 14138669_10209036418339290_5554607294866297629_o 14138622_10209036413099159_6661307941384124660_o 14125745_10209036415139210_5139979885362516188_o 14125611_10209036417019257_8676641142258534197_o 14124879_10209036418939305_5741139674010158406_o 14103014_10209036416539245_737943214342773211_o



One of the stone lions outside At George’s Hall in Liverpool.

I admit I am only posting this to try out posting from my phone app.