2019 Book Challenge – Introduction

Every year for the last three years or so, I have set myself a reading challenge on GoodReads and every year I have failed to reach my target. I get distracted or stupidly busy and my concentration, and therefore my reading, suffers.

This year is no different. I have set my challenge up on my GoodReads profile and I begin again in earnest. I am hoping that by writing about each book as I go along I will retain my eagerness. I am also hoping that by setting time aside specifically to read without distractions (as well as on the train and any other time I can squeeze a few pages in) that I will finally achieve my annual goal.

I’m so over-confident that I have upped my challenge target from the usual 20 to 25 books and I really don’t like setting myself up to fail.

I’m already ploughing my way through the first book so my first proper book challenge post should appear here soon.

My GoodReads profile can be found by clicking here.

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