CD Review – In Animal Character by Bruise


I received this CD around Christmas time but have only just been able to give it the time it deserves.

On their social network sites Bruise describe themselves as Nu Folk (facebook) and Progressive Folk (twitter), but my only labels for them are Jim and Isobel who I have known now for several years. (Which is my way of declaring a little bit of bias.)

I was enchanted from the opening track by the vocals, the arrangements, instrumentation, the melodies. Seriously, I know it sounds like I’m just gushing, and to be honest, I am. The songs already feel like old friends as I play it through for the second time. The opening track, Dreamland, is the kind of tune that is going to lodge itself into my subconscious and echo around in there at random moments for quite some time. And as I listened to the second track, I Am A Dancer, I was already recommending the album to family members! My Favourite Hurricane sounds brilliant played loud through my headphones, and even as I pick out tracks for comment I feel I shouldn’t be leaving the other tracks out.

You can buy In Animal Character here direct from the band via Amazon, or if you prefer the instant gratification of a download you can get one by clicking here.

And don’t just take my word for it about this album, check out these tweets from Gordon Giltrap.


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