A Small Delay

The plan was to get back on track right after New Year, but I got a stinking cold. No problem, it would pass and I could start then, right? Well, a small, accidental, blow to nose put pay to that plan.

I have banged my head, had things hit me in the head, even been punched full on in the face but I’ve never had concussion, till now. It’s been a mild case, but it really shook me up. I was fine, then I wasn’t, then I was, then I really wasn’t! It meant a full week of complete rest, including trying not to think too much. (Yeah, that was interesting, I spent a lot of time alone in a dimly lit room so I slept a heck of a lot) After that I really had to go back to work, but had to take things slowly. It’s about three weeks on now and I’m still feeling some of the effects but am fine enough to get on with things. I’m informed I should be completely right as rain in another week or two.

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Author: anne-marie

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