Adventures In Bullet Journalling

I’ve got to confess it took me a while to get the concept of bullet journals. Even now I think perhaps I’ve just bent the idea to fit my needs and added dashes of Commonplace Books and Zilbaldones.

The main thing is that I’ve found something that seems to work for me. I’m terrible at keeping personal diaries and can be very disorganised over notes but both are now very necessary due to minor memory problems. 

I did a bit of research, spending ages looking at layouts, getting annoyed that I could never achieve anything as good as the stuff that folks splash all over the internet with pride. Eventually, I thought that since no one else would really see the journal I should just begin.

The first few pages look slapdash and not very neat. Then I discovered washi tape to decorate pages and finally I bought a stencil to help with layouts. 




I also learnt to adapt the ideas I had found online to my own needs and lifestyle. Some of my trackers are simply for my own amusement, others are to ensure I take the time out to relax or do things that are more creative and less to do with the daily grind. I will also just write a few pages about the sort of day I have had (like a Zilbaldone) and random quotes, lyrics and others things I have stumbled upon (like a Common Place Book). Maybe all this is simply doing it right. I don’t know. I just know I feel more organised, creating the simple layouts can be therapeutic and I haven’t tossed it aside and started something else in another notebook so far! 

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