Blogmas Advent Calendar Bonus Boxing Day Post – A Reflection.

I thought I’d add a little addendum to the advent calendar blogs. I’ve done blogging/social media challenges before but I often end up playing catch up or giving up. Sometimes it’s because the subject for a post is something I can’t relate to, mostly it’s because things get away from me.

For the Blogmas Advent Calendar I just wanted to post everyday without any real boundaries or rigid structure. I admit that it turned out a lot of the posts are just song videos or movie trailers but that’s something to work on by next year. I also scheduled the posts so a lot of them were written in advance. This was useful as I was without a computer for three days and there was a mad week in work where all I wanted to do when I got home was crawl straight off to bed.

The posts here won’t be as frequent for a while, but will hopefully be regular. (Even if I have to schedule a bunch in advance again)

I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday season. Bring on 2019.

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Author: anne-marie

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