Blogmas Advent Calendar Day 12 – Christmas Self Care

The festive season can be pretty intense. I know that last year I wasn’t in great mental shape at all. I’m still not, but I seem to be dealing with it all better this year. For a start, I’m trying to let go of a lot of the stress.  I know that my friends will understand if I hibernate till after Christmas. The state of the trains currently means that my days are longer than they should be, and I have less time to myself before I’m off to bed ready to get up and face the morning commute, do a full day on my feet and then endure the uncertain commute home.
My weekends are usually spent recovering from the anxiety and stress of the week. Obviously, this changes at this time of year and there’s lots to be done. However, I am making the effort to make sure that I don’t end up feeling as hopeless as I have in the past. Whether this is just curling up with a book or walking away from my phone and social media for short periods of “me” time – it all helps. I will always be around if needed but learning to step away from some things is important. Pick you causes and keep your sanity. 
And if this means you can’t schedule social time with your friends over the Christmas period than just plan a faux Christmas gathering in January, it’ll be quieter for a start! 

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