Blogmas Advent Calendar Day 23 – Our Christmas Traditions

Christmas has changed in our house in recent years. The early starts due to the excitement of whether Santa has been having given way to a more leisurely morning involving coffee and breakfast before the unwrapping begins.

Even Christmas dinner is ready when it’s ready rather than a set time these days. This makes for a slightly more relaxed day all around.

There are a few silly recent traditions that have developed between myself and my niece. She may be an adult now but I love that we keep our daft Christmas in-jokes going.

The longest-serving one comes from when she was a small child and I was charged with getting her to sleep on Christmas Eve so Santa could come and deliver the presents. One year a family member popped up to the bathroom which was next to the room she was in. The noise of the door woke her a little and she asked who it was. I told her it was Santa and she should go back to sleep quick. However, it just led to giggling and shouts of “Santa’s on the toilet!” This phrase can still be heard at random moments over the festive period all these years later.

Other running jokes include declaring that we know what the other one is getting for Christmas and when they ask what it is we just reply “presentssssss” and randomly signing the Little Drummer Boy bit from this Family Guy clip.


I realise none of this is very traditional but our daft in-jokes really do make me smile.

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