Book – The Secret Life Of Movies by Simon Brew

I love books like this. When I finished this I had a list of films I needed to watch or rewatch and a head buzzing full of random trivia that will inevitably spill out at any given point in the future. 

The book is gloriously tactile and a very nice size. (Stuff like this important to me, I read while travelling so how easy it is to read on the train or stuff into my work bag is a factor – and why I end up will two copies of a lot of books, a proper copy and ebook version.) 

The information is in bitesize pieces, again handy for short-ish commutes and trying to cram in a sneaky bit of reading in work too. The tone is always friendly like the information is just being shared, occasionally these sort of books can feel like the author lauds their knowledge over you, but that’s not the case here. Some stuff I knew already, but I’ve already confessed to loving books like this so am obviously quite fond of my trivia. Other bits took me by surprise, how could I not have noticed the connection between A Bug’s Life and The Magnificent Seven? (Yes, that’s my take away from a book chocked full of fascinating film facts!)

It’s the sort of book you can leave lying around for other members of the household to glance through as it’s bound to spark conversations, especially if your family is anything like mine with a love of trivia and films. 

You can get in from all the regular places I’m sure. I got mine from a popular website named after a river, here.

Oh and if you like the book or even just the idea of the book please check out the Film Stories website for film news, the Film Stories podcast and details of Film Stories and Film Stories Jr magazines.  Thank you! 

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