Catching Up

It has been two weeks since I stopped work due to the current Covid-19 situation. We aren’t a necessary service, so I get to stay at home till we are all allowed to intermingle again. 


I find out how the whole 80% furloughed pay thing goes pretty soon, but at the moment I’m doing okay due to saving on train fares at least. 

I have basically spent two weeks sleeping and getting used to a new routine. I am living in a house with three other relatives, all adults. It’s been an adjustment being home together so much. 

Anyway, now it’s time to stop lolling around and to try and keep my mind active for the next however long it is that I’m a stuck at home, so that means I may actually post more stuff here, finally!! I plan to post a weekly lockdown update as well as catching up on reviews and other posts. 

One of my things at the moment is “T-shirt of the Day” which is actually a cunning ploy to make sure I get dressed most days. It’s also making me tidy up a few things to access other shirts. Here are the results so far – 

I have lots of stuff to watch, plenty of books to read and a vast library of music to listen to. Lots of this will probably get mentioned here over the next few weeks. I make no apologies for over-posting at any time. Pick and chose whatever posts you want to read and ignore stuff that is of no interest. If you do like the posts then groovy. I’m posting as much for my own needs as anything else. I’m not a pro-blogger here, it’s for fun, I’m not desperately trying to build-up page clicks, I’m just entertaining myself. 

Stay safe, stay home. 

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