Day 1 – Welcome To My Blogmas Advent Calendar

It’s December at last and time to countdown to Christmas Day. 

I love the festive season and one day I’ll get to experience it properly rather than in the hurried manner of recent years.

This year will be hurried too, the pitfalls of working in retail and commuting every day. Not enough hours in the day to really get things done but as Christmas is a special time I plan to take time out for Christmas things every day in the run-up to the big day, whether it’s music, a film, a Chrismas episode of a TV show I like or just appreciating the season. 

This year I decided to treat myself to a fancy advent calendar, I went for one from Paperchase, because who doesn’t like surprise stationery every day! It’s MASSIVE!! 


Here’s the first item – a sweet mini-journal. Looks handy for keeping in my gig bag to jot down notes at the drop of a hat (and a little reminder to date the pages so I know when I went to something! Haha!) 


(After this I’ll only be posting the items on my Instagram account which is viewable on via the widget on the top left of the blog page or you can just pop along to @booweb and follow me if you like.)

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