Day 10 – Some Christmas Questions

Eggnog or hot chocolate?  

Hot chocolate, maybe with mini-marshmallows

Coloured lights on tree/house or white?  

Coloured mostly. I think the tree is usually blue or multi-coloured. And we have a permanent string of white fairy lights woven into the bannisters on the stairs.

When do you hang your decorations up?  

As soon the house is rearranged ready for Christmas.

What’s your favourite holiday dish?

I love the stuffing. I help make it so I can “taste” it in the kitchen before it gets to the table. 

Favourite holiday memory as a child?  

Hard to tell really, I do remember the year I got up super early to go and lie on the sofa and just look at the presents and I thought my dad had bought my mum a fancy set of display shelves. Turned out it was Sindy house for my sister! 

What is on your Christmas wishlist this year? 

A lie-in and an early night! 

Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve? 

Sometimes we get new pyjamas for Christmas morning so we open them on Christmas Eve. 

How do you decorate your Christmas tree?  

I don’t usually get to decorate the tree these days. I remember trying to colour coordinate it once but to be honest I think tress look better when it’s all just lashed on there! For the last couple of years, we’ve bought new “silly” deccies for the tree. I’m particularly pleased with the pizza one this year! 

What’s the most important thing about Christmas to you?  

Time together I guess, and a day off. 

What is your favourite tradition?  

We have been inventing new ones for ourselves in recent years, certainly since my niece has been on the scene. She’s 20 now though, but we still tend to hang out Christmas Eve and quote all our silly in-jokes. And she still takes on the duty of handing out all the presents Christmas morning. 

What is your favourite Christmas song? 

Hands down it’s Greg Lake’s I Believe In Father Christmas. Thrilled that I got to hear it live once.  

Favourite Christmas movie?  

Muppet’s Christmas Carol.

Do you have a Christmas morning tradition?  

It used to be that I would sit in my niece’s room (and before that my sister’s room) to open the gifts in our Christmas Stockings. Now we tend to get up, go get anyone who needs getting, have breakfast and open the presents.


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