Day 3 – Homemade Christmas Card Holder

My mum gets all the credit for this one, this has been her pet project after a little jaunt to a couple of craft places. 

We bought some Christmas wooden shapes and mini pegs, plus some glitter glue sticks to use with the glue gun. 

Using the different coloured glitter glue sticks mum decorated the shapes and glued a peg to back of each one once the front was dry. 

After the glue on the back was dry she took some festive string and threaded it through the spring of the peg. 

And now all that is left is for us to pin them up on the wall, space out the shapes and peg up any Christmas cards! 
(We have a bunch of non-Christmassy shapes too which we plan to do the same thing to and use it to peg up some family photographs.) 

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Author: anne-marie

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