International Pop Overthrow – Day Six

Sunday started with Honeybug. It was fabulous to see the front stage area much busier than usual on IPO Sunday. 

After this I had to unexpectedly nip into work for the rest of the day but we took an early dart to be sure to get to the Cavern Pub in time to see Spygenius, who dedicated their set to Bob Kelly’s facial hair. (We all hadn’t seen Bob for quite some time and he’s a jolly popular bloke in these circles!) 

At this point I was supposed to catch the first mylittlebrother set but they were clashing with Rinaldi Sings who hadn’t been to the event for a while, and featured Bob on guitar for these shows. Thankfully mylittlebrother got an extra slot a little later so it was all going to work out! Yay! 
In the Cavern Club it was fab to catch up with Jean who had been instrumental in getting the IPO event over to the UK seventeen years ago! 

I got introduce Jean to mylittlebrother, I had a hunch they would be up her street.

This was where my IPO Sunday was due to end but after nipping out for some food I decided that I couldn’t miss mylittlebrother’s third set of the day, so back I went. 

I even managed to catch the last couple of songs from the second Rinaldi Sings set before heading for a quick catch up in the pub with friends before heading back to the hotel. 

And that pretty much it for my IPOing this year. Monday after work was spent packing and I headed homeward to see my family on the Tuesday. (Stay tuned, I may post stuff from other people about bands those days) 

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