International Pop Overthrow Liverpool May 2017

I admit I was having too much fun at IPO Liverpool this year to struggle with the Cavern Wifi in an attempt to post from the event.

There know follows a kind of master-post of the acts I saw, with photos, comments, links and stuff. Do check them out.


Micah Gilbert

Official Website

Facebook Page
Bandcamp Page
SoundCloud Page

Micah was the perfect opening for IPO for me. I had first heard him play last year in the noisy front of the Cavern club. The Cavern Pub can be equally noisy, but this Tuesday afternoon slot was good audience-wise and the delightful tunes simply made my day.
If you like stuff by James Taylor and James Lee Stanley give Micah a listen. (In fact give him a listen anyway!)

The Armoires

Official Website
Facebook Page

Another “discovery” from last year that I was eager to see again. Beautiful songs, beautiful sounds, beautiful people.
Go and listen to the tunes on the website for a sound that practically yells groovy west coast pop.

The Cherry Bluestorms

Official Website
Facebook Page

I was really pleased to hear this band were returning to IPO Liverpool. They remain the only band I’ve seen play at Eric’s so far (which was on their last visit). They have a great psychedelic garage sound and do not disappoint live.
I’ve included footage I took below, but there was a problem with the sound on my device, so please forgive the odd sound anomalies. (And go to their FB page for more videos!)

Fun Of The Pier

Facebook Page
Soundcloud Page

Fun of The Pier have a permanent place of my Must-See list at IPO. They have another member these days, but Sunday’s show was as a duo.

There’s an album coming soon and quite frankly I can’t wait. They had a free 2 track promo CD on the merch desk, and both of the tracks (and some working mixes) are on the soundcloud page. I’ve posted my favourite of the two below.


Soundcloud Page

I am utterly biased when it comes to this band. Ni is one of my favourite humans and has been since about 2006. This year Honeybug brought the 80s to IPO and treated us to some very different versions of tunes we know and love as well as new ones. The 80s Pop/Christmas version of Throwaway is most definitely my favourite!



Hailee Rose

Official Website
YouTube Channel

Hailee’s voice is amazing and she is a lovely person to boot. When she takes to the stage she instantly wins over the entire audience, even those who aren’t there for IPO. She also always looks like she is having the best time ever on stage and that is infectious.

There’s song samples on her site along with a link to buy her CD.

The video below is from an extra show with Dave Rave at IPO after the rest of the band had left.

Dave Rave

Bandcamp Page

I love Dave. He brings joy with him wherever he goes. This year saw his 14th trip to IPO Liverpool and it was really cool to have a bit of spare time just to hang out.

Check out the bandcamp page for his latest release with The Governors as well as lots of other splendid tunes. I highly recommend the opening track of the Live With What You Know album.

Here’s a link to all my photographs on flickr.


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