International Pop Overthrow Liverpool – Round Up Post

So International Pop Overthrow is over for another year and everyone has gone home (or onwards to Stockholm).

Not sure how effective the live-ish blogging was but it was fun to do and I liked having things up right away (well almost, wifi permitting)

IPO really is a very special event for me. I look forward to it all year.

I’d like to thank David and Rina for bringing the event back year after year. The event has brought me some amazing friends over the years including David and Rina themselves.

I’d also like to thank Jean Catherall for getting the event over here all those years ago. Again I am eternally grateful for all the stuff it has made happen.

Big, big love to my IPO friends old and new! It will always be a pleasure!

Special thanks to Dave Jones at Cavern City Tours this year too.

So…below is a master-list of my not-so-finely-crafted live”ish” blogging from the event. Remember for more eloquently worded and researched insight visit Minty And The Beeb Go Gigging as they will be adding reports of each day to their blog. (Keep checking, they are busy with Brian Wilson at the moment, but the updates will happen)

2am Turnaround
The Corridors
Mike Badger
Harvest Moon
Fun Of The Pier
Lloyd and Daly
Micah Gilbert
The Armoires
Honeybug (and again)
Las Annettes
Hailee Rose
The 286
Dave Rave
Don Fardon
Dave Rave and Hailee Rose


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And here’s a collection of photos from the event. (Hover over the picture and click the arrows to go through the images. Or just click here to go to the flickr album)
IPO Photos 2016

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