Lock Down Life – Doing The Garden, Digging The Weeds

Since the good weather arrived I’ve been trying to be helpful so went out to turn over and weed the bit of the garden we tend to use as a vegetable patch. We have a patio, a lawn, a veg patch and a wildflower area. That makes it sound huge but it’s not really. 

The first day I managed about 15 minutes before I had to give up. Muscles I didn’t know existed screamed with rage at being used so suddenly and seemingly brutally. I hurt for the rest of the day but slept exceedingly well so today I was back out there giving it some welly. It was much easier today, even though I didn’t get it all done. Today the sun was my enemy, too much time in its glare and I quickly succumb to sunstroke so I have to be careful. The good thing was the muscles didn’t scream, instead, they just worked. I got through about half the patch before stopping. 

Along the way, I managed to disturb the burrow of a Tawny Mining Bee. They are solitary creatures that forage for pollen as well as collecting it from spring flowers. Thankfully they aren’t very aggressive and this little lady bee took it in her stride, gleefully foraging through the pile of weeds till we left her alone to build a new place to live. 

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Author: anne-marie

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