Lock Down Life – Missing my May Madness

May is a month that looms large in my legend. 
It is, usually, the month of the International Pop Overthrow Liverpool event, which is my favourite event of the year. It was due to start next Tuesday (12th). This would usually be the weekend that I would be packing ready for my hotel stay in the city for the event. While I understand the reason for the event not going ahead I can’t pretend that I won’t miss it or my amazing IPO family. I will be posting IPO related posts though, ranging from old videos and photos to new releases from some of the bands. 

This month is also full of birthdays, and 2020 brings my niece’s 21st along with a 21st and 18th for members of my shop family. Plans have been drastically altered and while not ideal, I hope everyone gets to celebrate properly at some point. 

This May was also meant to see my best friend’s wedding. It’s been delayed till next year now when we will party extra hard to celebrate the union of Ellie and Marcus. In the meantime, they are hosting a weekly open mic night on Facebook which brings my joy each Wednesday as I get to “hang out” with my chums and listen to music, even if it is just online. 


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