Lock Down Life – Sorry For The Radio Silence Here

I confess that I thought I’d have posted a lot more here than I have so far. If I’m honest the current circumstances took more of an adjustment than I thought, despite that fact that I hardly go anywhere outside of my work routine.

Uncertainty and anxiety took over and after the two weeks required quarantine was over and I became wary of leaving the house at all. A short walk round the block to the postbox felt quite exhilarating until I actually got to the postbox by the local shop, which had somehow illogically set its queue to go across a wide pavement, past the postbox, and up the road at the curb edge rather than the more sensible option of simply following the building line round the corner to keep the pavement clear.

A very kind gentleman in the queue saw my anxiety and waved me towards the postbox as the queue moved forward ahead of him. I haven’t left the boundaries of our property since. Even popping out into the garden has got a little too peopley for me with everyone at home at the moment. Daytime, understandably means children playing outside and evenings seems to mean that I am required to be entertained by the musical tastes of people in the street behind ours. Of course they are all just coping as they see fit, but I like a bit of solitude with my fresh air occasionally.

It took a while but I finally feel settled and as I will explain in other posts I have realised I’d lost my methods for coping with day to day life and wasn’t allowing myself access to my escape routes from the real world.

Hopefully I will be posting more often from now on. You have been warned.

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