Lock Down Life – Things I Miss

I am probably not the best qualified to comment on missing things due to the current lockdown, because I haven’t really been to too many places in the last few months, so not that much has changed for me.  

I do miss the small daily interactions involved with going to and from work, chatting with my friends at the station and on the train as well as work colleagues and regular shop visitors and friends dropping by. Oh and the people in Greggs. I miss Greggs, the staff are great in the two we use most and I could murder a sausage roll. Mustn’t forget the staff at Home Bargains too, they are great and I hope they are all doing well in these circumstances. 

I tried not to take those daily interactions for granted before this and I definitely won’t after this. 

I’ve not left the environs of the house and the garden since I came home on the 23rd of March. I’m weird and find it odd to walk somewhere without a purpose or a destination or without company. This doesn’t mean I’ve not exercised. I’ve been up and down the stairs (because I’m super forgetful), had a little Silent Disco dance in the garden, and today I tried my hand at turning the soil in the vegetable bed and doing some weeding. This last one didn’t last long, to be honest, I’m definitely not as strong as I thought I was and there are a few long-forgotten muscles aching this evening. 

I miss being able to nip to the shop, but that’s no real hardship. We are able to get what we need when we shop and I am lucky to have a mother who is an amazing cook. 

My best friends are in constant touch, we have own messenger group. This isn’t just for the lockdown, we have had it for ages. 

I hate not being to see people that need hugs though. I have friends going through some rough stuff right now and not to be to reach out to them in the real world is really difficult. 

Basically, I thought I was a self-isolating champion, but until your daily interactions are taken from you, you really don’t realise how important they are. Or how many there are. 

The important thing now is to stay home if you can, stay safe and when all this is over and we can hang out again, cherish the little things and precious moments as they happen. 

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