Re-Lockdown Life – I Obviously Got Ahead of Myself!

I live in one of the areas that have been put back under certain aspects of lockdown from midnight last night. The move doesn’t affect me that much other than about half an hour before the announcement a splendid evening in the garden full of appropriately socially distanced giggles,  pizza and ice cream had ended and I actually felt pretty good. And then they were suddenly telling me that such a thing was illegal for a while. 

I feel a bit frustrated. I have followed rules to the best of knowledge. I keep away from people,  I wear masks where I’m told to. Heck, I even wear a mask when I don’t have to as I’m outside but I know that I may have to pass people on pavements that don’t allow 2m gap! I time my walks so I am out when it’s fairly quiet too.  

It would be easy to say I am being punished for other people not obeying the rules, but the virus isn’t playing the game either. Everyone could do all the right things and there would still be a chance of picking it up somehow. Or it would wait, lurking, waiting for the next relaxation of lockdown rules ready to pounce on us all as we pat ourselves on the back for being good. After all, as well as the local restrictions, the national lockdown easing planned for this weekend has been pushed back by a couple of weeks. 

I hadn’t forgotten it was out there. I can’t. But I had got used to things a certain way, got comfortable with this new normal. To have some of that snatched away again for a while is jarring. However, it’s a necessary thing, and I have to adjust, it’s as simple as that. 


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Author: anne-marie

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