Seven Gig Photographs – Day One

Over of some other social media platform I was tagged to do a seven day challenge posting gig photographs. I have dutifully made my selection and am posting them daily until Thursday. And as it’s music related I thought I’d share them here too. The photos are not necessarily from the best gigs I’ve been, not even my favourite gigs, but they are what I consider to be my favourite and/or best concert shots. They are all uncropped – and all reproduced a little small here, but that’s because they were sized for another medium.

Day One –

I’m going to start with this shot of Dan Smith of Bastille as the new album is out today. I was taking photos for VJ as it was her first concert and I took her phone from her so she could enjoy it properly. The whole thing was backlit making it difficult to get good photos. (We were in the balcony) Love this one though.


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