Some Questions and Answers

This has been doing the rounds on social media so I thought I’d include it here.

▪️First Job… Babysitting probably.

▪️Dream Job… Something that doesn’t involve being on my feet all day and not having to deal with the general public too much.

▪️Favourite foot attire… slippers

▪️Favourite sweets… bananas and shrimps

▪️Favourite ice cream… mint choc chip

▪️Where are you right now… lying in bed in the dark listening to the latest No Such Thing As A Fish podcast.

▪️Favourite Movie … oooh…toss up between Bladerunner and Dark Crystal.

▪Favourite TV show… I can’t possibly pick one. I can whittle it down to three maybe. Classic Doctor Who, Leverage and The West Wing.

▪️Favourite day of the week… There’s eight days in May I’m quite fond of. Also extremely partial to Fridays.

▪️Favourite flower… Freesia

▪️Favourite colour… green and purple

▪️Gold or silver… silver

▪️Do you like vegetables? One or two.

▪️Do you wear glasses… I do.

▪️Favourite season… Autumn

▪️Dream Travel Destination… Venice, or anywhere where my friends live so we can hang out.

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