Thank You David

As International Pop Overthrow Liverpool comes to an end for another year (expect a bumper post soon with photos and videos) I want to take a little time here to thank David Bash. International Pop Overthrow is his baby and sixteen years ago with the help of Jean Catharell he brought it over to Liverpool. Jean also recruited me as one of the merch girls, a role I had for a few years till it got a bit much for me and I became a punter instead. (Thank you Jean!)

May has become a magical time for me due to the amazing life-long friendships I have gained over the years. (The first two Liverpool events were later in the year, it moved to May for the third event.) And each year I gain more.

So thank you David, and Rina too, for all these years of friendship and the people and music you have brought into my life.

See you in 2019!

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