Review – The Beatles: All Our Yesterdays

20170209_143341I’ve seen a couple of graphic novels telling the story of the Beatles. Some try and cram too much into a small book, others over egg the narrative with knowing references. This one concentrates on the story of the group up to the release of their first single. It’s by no means a comprehensive study of the period, but it does include lots of people who seem to be getting lost in the modern Beatle World. These include Allan Williams, Mona Best, Bob Wooler, Astrid, Klaus and Jurgen. Brian Epstein is included too, but he did have a whole graphic novel to himself not too long ago – it’s well worth seeking out by the way.

Back to the book in hand – well just recently put down to be accurate -I enjoyed reading it. It’s not earth-shattering, it’s not telling fans anything they didn’t know, but it is a good way to bring the story to a newer audience. Graphic novels are hugely popular, some even escape into mainstream shops like HMV so it’s a good medium to reach out in, and there is a growing library of rock and pop graphic biographies out there. I know that the author has been visiting schools with this one to promote students going into Arts based studies, and I can see how the story within can be used in that way.

I’m certain that you can sit and nit-pick over various bits of this book, but the story is carried out well and it’s a nice easy read. By that I mean it flowed well, not that it is too simplistic. You just need to turn off your mind, relax and remember it’s not something that’s necessarily aimed at the die-hards, it’s to entice and bewitch another generation with the tale of the early Beatles.  The further reading is up to them.

20170209_141624The Beatles: All Our Yesterdays is published by Campfire Graphic Novels and retails at £12.99. If you happen to pop into The Beatles Shop in Liverpool all their current stock is signed by the author Jason Quinn.

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