CD Review – Make by Blake Jones and The Trike Shop

I confess this review is being published later than I planned, partly due to real life getting in the way but mostly due to being distracted by wanting to just listen to the album for pure enjoyment rather than working out what to say about it. In fact the album has been an almost constant companion on my commute to and from work, cheering up the rainy journeys.

If you like 60s garage psych and theremins this is the album for you. Actually it will also make you realise that the flute is a vastly under-rated and under-used instrument on records these days, and there should jolly well be more of it.

It is quite hard to come up with “highlights” of this album as from the first note of the catchy opener “Make A New Day” with it’s simmering Indian music undercurrents through to the last note of “Alchemy C’mere” each of the tracks blend their individual traits into one gestalt of an album. That’s not something you get too often these days. It feels whole, like Pet Sounds or Forever Changes, not just a selection of tracks put in a pleasing order.

After the very first play I have found myself idly humming “Soft Rock Girlfriend” and “At Every Train Stop”, with other tracks also invading my brain along the way. By the second play, they all felt like old friends.

I am honestly trying not to sound too gushing about the album but it genuinely brightens my day and now the rain is getting less and the sunny days are coming through it will definitely be my summer soundtrack.

Check it out along with other albums by Blake Jones and The Trike Shop at Big Stir Records.

And in the meantime here’s a live version of one of the tracks – A theremin cover of Goldfinger filmed at the International Pop Overthrow event at the Cavern Club Liverpool in 2014. (It was filmed on my phone so the recording isn’t top quality.)

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