Day 5 – Christmas Gift Ideas for the Film Fan In Your Life

If you follow me on social media you’ll have seen me posting (or reposting) about Film Stories. I love this magazine. It aims to introduce new writers with every issue and now there’s even a Junior version encouraging younger writers to contribute.

Someone once told me that a good magazine is like reading a letter from a friend, and Film Stories is very much like this – full of enthusiasm and joy for the subject. Plus, it champions films that some of the bigger magazines competing for space on the newsstands overlook. 

A subscription is a gift that will carry on giving all year and will help fund new writers and help spread the word for films that otherwise may not get the coverage. 

Click here for information about how to buy both Film Stories and Film Stories Junior (and do have a mooch around the rest of the site while you are there. (Disclaimer – I am not affiliated to Film Stories, I’m just an enthusiastic fan trying to spread the word.) 

And if (like me) you love your movie facts then check out The Secret Life of Movies by Simon Brew (founder of Den of Geek and now head honcho at Film Stories)  I drive people crazy when I’m reading books like this as I love to share random facts with anyone who will listen! 

Click here to buy a copy from (affiliate link – other bookshops are available.) 


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