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While browsing for ideas for blog posts I have come across various links suggesting they can give you sure-fire content to generate clicks and therefore earn the blogger lots of money from advertisers. (I don’t have anything like that on this blog, check out the disclaimer page for information on monetised links on here.) Some offered content, so out of curiosity, I had a little look. It shows you how to find articles based on keywords and then how to “spin” them into unique posts. I had to have a go! I used a short article about Prince Harry and Jon Bon Jovi recording at Abbey Road studios (it was thrown up by a keyword search for Beatles) 

The results are in the image below, with adverts blocked out, sorry it’s a bit messy. The original is on the left, the “spun” version on the right. It’s erm, not very good really. I’d much rather read a blog with proper user-generated content, and I have definitely come across “news” articles that have been generated by something akin to this. 


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Author: anne-marie

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