Here’s To The New Year!

In the past, I have never really bothered with New Year resolutions, however this year I need to set some goals. Here we go. 

This year I need to – 

-blog more frequently. I am going to set up a timetable for monthly list posts and am already preparing “pull” pieces for times I seem to be doing very little worth blogging about. 

-work on my time management. I feel that I get very little “me” time to do things that make me happy and/or keep me sane. I have already started to restrict my social media and screen time in a reasonably successful attempt to become more productive. 

-build up the Etsy shop. Tied in with time management is finding time to build up stock and new designs for MysticMakes. Maybe I should also start looking at doing some stalls at craft fairs etc…

-read more. Much more. I need to devour books the way I did as a child. It will help me switch off the real world more often which should improve my mental health. 

-step back from things when necessary to preserve my mental health. Being productive will help, as will unplugging from time to time. 

-sort out my financial situation. At the moment, I am working to afford to go to work. This is not a good situation, particularly with regard to my mental health. I should be working to afford to have fun things to do when not in work. Hopefully improving the Etsy shop stuff will help at first but I also need to start to look for employment nearer to home to at least cut down on travel costs. 

I have begun to get organised in preparation for some of these goals, and am already accepting that not everything will happen or go as smoothly as I would like, but I’m going to give it best try. 

Wish me luck, and Happy New Year! 

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