Let’s Rock London – Clapham Common 16th July 2016 (Photos)

After lots of rainy days, we were blessed with the sunshine for this musical trip back to the 80s.
It was a brilliant day. Personal highlights were Nik Kershaw (who paid tribute to David Bowie with a cover of Ashes to Ashes – see video at the end of this post), Then Jerico and ABC.
The heat took its toll a little bit and with a touch of sunburn we skipped out on the final two acts in favour of heading back to the hotel to cool off.

I did manage to forget the memory card for my good camera, so the pictures aren’t great.

PicsArt_07-17-01.11.48_wm PicsArt_07-17-01.12.36_wm

Clare Grogan sounded brilliant. A couple of Altered Images fans behind us were very pleased to hear a few favourites.


Living In A Box blew the house down (see what I did there?)

PicsArt_07-17-01.00.49_wm PicsArt_07-17-01.04.09_wm PicsArt_07-17-01.05.33_wm PicsArt_07-17-01.06.34_wm

I’d forgotten how many Then Jerico hits I knew. Loved this set from Mark Shaw. And he squeezed in a bit of Purple Rain to pay tribute to Prince.

PicsArt_07-17-12.15.21_wm PicsArt_07-17-12.16.25_wm

Belinda Carlisle and Jimmy Somerville both had the crowd up dancing.

PicsArt_07-17-12.18.16_wm PicsArt_07-17-12.21.02_wm

Not only did Nik pay tribute to Bowie but he also treated us to a version The One and Only along with plenty of other hits. We were up and dancing for the whole set! (After all, that is what we came for!)

PicsArt_07-17-12.17.23_wm PicsArt_07-17-12.09.32_wm

Pat Sharp and Dave Benson Phillips entertained the crowd with music and singalongs between the sets. Alexander O’Neal also paid tribute to Prince with a medley.

PicsArt_07-17-12.12.05_wm PicsArt_07-17-12.13.49_wm

Midge Ure was great, opening with Hymn and including Fade To Grey in his set.
I loved the ABC set too, Martin Fry had the crowd eating out of his hand.

A few technical issues led to delays but other than that it was a great day. (And it really is just a little niggle as outdoor gigs aren’t the best soundwise) It was worth paying the little bit extra for access to the posh loos and big up to the organisers for making sure there was access to water in the heat!

And now, with apologies for it not being very good visually (the backup camera wasn’t really up to the job of filming anything) here’s Nik’s tribute to David Bowie.

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