Lock Down Life – Sleep Patterns

I’ve just woken from an unexpected nap. I wasn’t planning to nod off but I was feeling a little chilly and pulled the crocheted blanket over me and away I went.

I didn’t get a full night’s sleep last night and I think I underestimated how tired today’s six mile walk would leave me because of it.

When lock down started I fell into my own natural sleep pattern of sleeping till around 10.30 but then staying up and reasonably active till 3am. Once I started taking daily walks it went back almost to how it is when I am in work.

However last night’s gross lack of sleep was a bit of a glitch, I have been sleeping better than I have in a long time, deeper and dreaming. I just forgot the magic powers of a warm blanket today hence the nap.

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Author: anne-marie

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