Lock Down Life – Watching Things Alone

I’ve been watching lots of films and tv while on lockdown. Not actually as much as I expected, at least not at first, but I have tried to make up for that. 

I’m used to watching things on my own, it’s the normal state of things. However, by now I’d have visited with friends and sat on different sofas and watched stuff with other human beings. 

A couple of weeks ago I watched Blow Dry with my friend, we synched up the start and messaged each other as we watched, but it’s not quite the same as sharing snacks and instantly talking about scenes etc…

I have come to realise that sharing the viewing experience is something I miss anyway, not just due to lockdown. I spent a lot of time watching things on my own even before the pandemic took hold and I suspect it will be the same when things get back to normal too. This means any time I get to share the experiences is time I need to remember to treasure.  (Or I should get out more, maybe!) 

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Author: anne-marie

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