Not Quite Okay

I’m going to start by pointing out that everything is mostly fine, but things are currently not always okay.
I can tell that things aren’t okay because I’ve not listened to any music (by choice, rather than in work) for quite some time. There’s a small pile of great CDs ready for me to listen to and write about but my brain is currently resisting letting me listen to it and I’d rather hang on till I was ready to enjoy these sounds the way they should be. Also, I ended up double-booked the other day and opted to ditch the concert option because I felt it would create too much noise for me to deal with. (There’s a post about what I actually did do that day coming up. Stay tuned!) 

The shorter days and colder weather don’t help, but I am surrounded by some amazing friends who understand all this and put up with me with great patience. There must be an upswing happening as I am posting here and even preparing to write other posts, maybe I’ll get sometime at the weekend to give those CDs a listen. 

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Author: anne-marie

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