Robyn Hitchcock and His LA Squires – Manchester Club Academy 11th May 2018

P1210328It had been a while since I’d seen Robyn Hitchcock, (I missed the last tour for logistical reasons) so I was looking forward to this “electrospective” as it has been referred to on social media.

A couple of pints of Trooper before the show meant I was less anxious and happy to wander down towards the front for most of the show, I was even dancing and singing along to the Soft Boys songs.

The set list was excellent – a good mixture of the past and tracks from the newest album. His LA Squires are a cracking band with a big sound. It sounded as full at the back (where I spent the encore) as it did a few feet from the front. Side note for those wondering, yes, that’s Mark Sheppard from Supernatural/Leverage/Firefly and a plethora of other TV shows doing a fine job on the drums)

Robyn himself was on top form, sounding brilliant. The gig delivered big time, after a stressful week it blew away all the cobwebs and simply bought the joy!

Click here for the full flickr album of my photos from the gig.

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