There’s a Lockdown Sale on over at Big Stir Records!

Message from the Big Stir Records Facebook page! 

Keeping the flow of music alive “in these troubled times”

Good news for shut-ins (as The Ex Teens would say)… and PLEASE share the word! You need music to get you through difficult and lean times. And Big Stir Records is here with the Lockdown Love to make that happen. Use discount code LockdownLove at for 25% off of everything. And that’s not all… we have assembled deeply discounted Artist Bundles of vinyl and CDs from The Corner Laughers… Shplang…Michael Simmons… Spygenius… The Armoires… Dolph Chaney… Blake Jones & the Trike Shop… and the entire Big Stir Singles CD collection featuring many, many more! Let’s keep the music flowing even as stages stand empty. We are stronger together, always… thank you, friends!

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