Thoughts On The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance (Hopefully with no spoilers)


I will try to keep this as spoiler-free as possible, but if you really don’t want to risk it, look away now. 




Okay – so here are my favourite not-too-spoilery bits of Dark Crystal Age of Resistance on Netflix. 

In no particular order –

  • Mark Hamill and Simon Pegg both giving gloriously over the top performances as their Skeksis alter-egos. 
  • Mystics!!! More than I expected from the pre-publicity, so that was a nice surprise (as was surprise Mystic’s Skeksis counterpart)
  • “Puppetry. Yay!”
  • Forgetting that I was watching puppets and just being so completely drawn into the world of Thra (much like with the original film!) 
  • Mother Aughra being…well…Mother Aughra
  • Hup (including his uncanny resemblance to UK comedian Milton Jones)
  • Gelflings – all of them! 
  • A solution to a problem I have thought about in the past in regards to the Skeksis. (I really can’t be more specific without it being a big spoiler)
  • Keeping all the mythology of the original intact
  • All the little creatures in the background being so full of character in typical Henson style.
  • If I had to pick a favourite Gelfling clan it would be the Grottan
  • Just the epic feeling of it all. It was like being a kid again and getting swept up and taken along for the ride on the adventure. 
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