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Anyone who is following me on social media will be aware of just of how often I share things from Film Stories Magazine, and visitors here will hopefully have seen the big plug for it in the sidebar.  So what motivates me to bang on about it and plug it as often as I do? 

Simply because I really like it. I like the style of writing it promotes, I like the way the magazine looks and the content is diverse often covering things in depth that other film magazines gloss over or ignore completely.  The magazine also aims to give at least two new writers work each issue, which really adds to the diversity of coverage. This isn’t a magazine filled with articles listing the top ten films of a genre over and over, here you get proper, old school stuff that doesn’t just scratch superficially at the surface but allows for the flow of a writer’s passion for their subject. The magazine is an independent production with an emphasis on British films and the covers alone have showcased movies that would have been buried deep inside other film magazines hustling for a reader’s attention on newsstands. 

Plus, there is the amazing Film Stories Junior. This is a magazine aimed at young filmgoers, largely written by kids. This gives it the advantage of never feeling like it’s patronising towards its readership while encouraging young people to express their opinions and let their voices be heard. 

But that’s not all, through the website and social media, Film Stories has done something magical in this day and age, it has built a community. And it’s a lovely one. I can be a little gunshy of this sort of thing, often feeling like an outsider looking on, hesitant to join in, but this is a welcoming and positive place. 

Did you think I was finished? All of the above was born out of the Film Stories podcast which has been going out every week for the last two years!

Have I convinced you to check it out yet? Dive in with the links below. 

Film Stories Website – news, reviews, features.
Film Stories Magazine – an actual, tactile magazine full of great features. (Also available in digital form, but it’s not the same as waiting for the latest issue to drop through the door and tearing off the wrapper to eagerly flip through the pages deciding what to read first, trust me!) 
Film Stories Junior – same as above but aimed at a younger audience.
Film Stories Podcast – digging into stories behind popular films.
Film Stories on Facebook
Film Stories on Twitter

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