Dave Rave and Hailee Rose – International Pop Overthrow Liverpool


Wait, did I imply I was done with IPO for this year? Well it wasn’t done with me. A message from Dave via Facebook let me know he was doing an extra set this evening just as I was finishing work so off we popped to the Cavern Pub. The rest of the band had already departed so it was just Dave and Hailee. The preformance was laid back and a lot of fun. I got to hear Hey Anne-Marie again (video will appear here once I’ve uploaded it) and that’s going to have to hold me over till next year when we get to do it all again! Same time same place!

Gig buddy Phil took this footage of Respect from tonight’s performance – this sums up the laid back nature of the show I think, as well as showcasing Hailee’s vocal talents.

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Author: anne-marie

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